Ten Best IP & Technology Law Blogs of 2009 Q1

Here are some of my recent top interest intellectual property and technology law blogs.
1. Patently-O
2. Coderights
3. Patent Baristas
4. E-Commerce & Tech Law Blog by BNA
5. The 271 Patent Blog
6. Singularity Law
7. Nolo’s Patent, Copyright, & Trademark Blog
8. The Trade Secrets Vault
9. The Patent Prospector
10. Business & Technology Law Blog by Scott & Scott
Special Mention: IP Thoughts is an up and coming IP blog. Occasionally the blog strays from IP issues into unrelated political issues. Nonetheless, the author writes intuitively on the field of intellectual property. Recently he has published an interesting piece on the Utah Technology Council’s recent position on a Utah bill, HB 450, that I commented on in my last post.

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