I am at the Business & Technology Expo at the McKay Event Center at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Things are just starting to get busy. Bateman IP Law Group (BIPLG) is one of the exhibitors. If you are looking for a free lunch, show up to our booth and I will give you a ticket for lunch at the Costa Vida stand – first come, first serve.
BIPLG’s theme is: “Don’t gamble with your ideas . . . Stack the deck in your favor.”

The overall response has been good. The booth has a roulette table and a black jack table, although since you always win there is no gamble. I guess it goes along with the theme. As you might imagine, Utah Valley is not replete with Vegas aficionados. I actually voted against the theme, but was in the minority. But the feedback has been good, except for a few funny comments.

For example, one woman whispered to our staff member running the roulette table, “Thank you for not dressing sluttily.” (Apparently a new word she made up.). Another woman told me she would have to ask her boss whether it was okay for me to post a picture of their booth on my blog. I told her I was just planning to post a few photos of booths from the Expo and planned on giving them positive exposure. She said she was not comfortable with it because she did not like gambling.
Bathroom Testimonial: I overheard the following comment from another exhibitor while in the bathroom: “This Expo has been a good one. Good people and lots of traffic.” Sounded almost like someone wrote it for a commercial.

Danny White of Cowboy fame was manning the booth for i-Learning Global.  They tell me that they use Vusion’s HD play technology which apparently does not require buffering, is quick, and has excellent anti-copy security.  i-Learning was raffling footballs signed by Danny White.  That is two football brushes-with-fame I have had this week.  The first was at the ACG year’s leading deal award luncheon where Steve Young was the keynote speaker.  Steve did a great job.

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