The 2009 Utah Genius results are in and all of the awardees have been announced. Results are posted below. Results are based on patents and trademarks issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office during 2008. Photographs and information about each of the Utah Genius awardees should be available at www.utahgenius.com later today.

The awards ceremony was well organized, interestng, and fun, which is a word I heard from a number of attendees. Jack Brittain’s keynote speech was engaging, enlightening, and kept the attention of everyone. (It appeared that about 300 people attended the event.). The food was excellent as one would expect from the Grand America Hotel.

However, what I enjoyed most about the Utah Genius Awards is that it honored the inventors and minds of creativity, who are often overlooked while the business management receives accolades for company success. The event exuded sincere and heart felt appreciation for the awardees. This was particularly evident when Lane Beattie, President of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce spoke of Dr. Dinesh Patel as he presented Dr. Patel with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Beattie was sincerely emotional and Dr. Patel appeared truly touched. Utah Genius was a touching event and a great success.
Lifetime Acheivement Award: Dr. Dinesh Patel

Top 20 Utah Patentees of 2008:
Ranking Name # of Patents Company
1 David R. Hall 52 Novatek International, Inc.
2 Ronald B. Crockett 21 Novatek International, Inc.
3 Jeff Jepson 19 Novatek International, Inc.
4 Scott Dahigren 18 Novatek International, Inc.
5 Brent L. Kidman 12 Cheetah USA Corp.
6 Gregory J. Boss 11 IT Architect at IBM
T-7 Stephen R. Carter 9 Novell
T-7 Joe Fox 9 Novatek International, Inc.
T-7 Tyson J. Wilde 9 Novatek International, Inc.
T-10 David L. DeJong 7 MeadWestvaco Calmar, Inc.
T-10 F. Mark Ferguson 7
T-10 Francis Leany 7 Novatek International, Inc.
T-10 Fred P. Smith 7 Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc
T-10 Bradley W. Smith 7 Autoliv ASP
15 Bruce Raile 6 Sun Optics, Inc.
T-16 Ashok Challa 5 Fairchild Semiconductor
T-16 Paul T. Clegg 5 Vantage Controls
T-16 William T. Dalebout 5 Icon IP
T-16 Bob Frey 5 Fairchild Semiconductor
T-16 Darren Jones 5 Alpine Innovations, LLC
T-16 Michael P. Jordan 5 Autoliv ASP
T-16 David O. Meyers 5
T-16 Stewart N. Middlemiss 5 Smith International Inc.
T-16 Donald D. Solomon 5
T-16 Carl R. Standford 5 Lifetime Products, Inc.
T-16 David L. Thorne 5 Bard Access Systems (Specialized Health Products)

Top 5 Cities By Number Of Patents
Rank City Total # of Patents
1 Salt Lake City 257
2 Provo 110
3 Sandy 87
4 Orem 59
T-5 Draper 40
T-5 Spanish Fork 40
Top 5 Cities By Patents Per Capita
Rank City Patents Per Capita
1 Park City 1 in 211 residents
2 Lindon 1 in 501 residents
3 Hyde Park 1 in 534 residents
4 Fruit Heights 1 in 566 residents
5 Alpine 1 in 599 residents

Honorable Mention: American Fork received honorable mention because it had scored close to the top 5 in both Total Number of Patents and Patents Per Capita categories.

Top 20 Trademark Registrants
Rank Company # of Trademarks
1 Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc. 29
2 Close To My Heart (Cabin Creek, LLC) 20
T-3 Talisker Mountain Incorporated 12
T-3 American Academy Holdings, LLC 12
5 Neways, Inc. 11
T-6 O.C. Tanner Company 9
T-6 Mediaport Entertainment, Inc. 9
T-8 CAO Group, Inc. 8
T-8 Intermountain Health Care, Inc. 8
T-8 ProPay USA, Inc. 8
T-8 Vantage Controls, Inc. 8
T-12 Browning Arms Company 7
T-12 Controlled Entry Distributors, Inc. 7
T-14 Jans Ltd. 6
T-14 NuSkin (NSE Products, Inc.) 6
T-14 Sinclair Finance Company 6
T-14 Snap Lock Industries, Inc. 6
T-14 The Parvus Corporation 6
T-14 Trivani International, LLC 6
T-14 Utah Central Credit Union 6
T-14 Washington City 6

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