IP Summit Recap

Every year this CLE Summit gets a good turnout, and even though the weather was cold and snowy more than 270 attorney’s were in attendance. This years agenda featured Keynote Speakers; Judge Jimmie V. Reyna, Robert Stoll former USPTO Commissioner for and James Pooley from Orrick IP.

Speakers this year touched on a wide range of topics. The first presenter of the morning was David Todd who recapped the 2016 year of IP cases and how they will impact Intellectual Property Law. Kirk Ririe, the CEO of BioFire Diagnostics, spoke on how IP played a role in the success of his Utah business and Jason Stach, spoke on Patent Owners at the PTAB and other scary stories.

Michael Lasinski and David C Robinson, spoke on Valuing IP in Good Times and Bad. Roger Schechter touched up on the last year of Trademark Law and Litigation. After the lunch break, a mock trial took place in one room while Kevin Noonan spoke on Protecting Biopharma and Chemical Innovations. Margaret Polson spoke about The State of Design Patents.

The last speakers of the day were Michael McCabe and Stephen G. Kunin, who were lecturing on ethical issues. Their speech was titled Avoiding IP Malpractice and Tips for More Effective Advocacy.

The Utah State Bar holds the IP Summit every year in February. For more information, please visit the IP Summit website here.

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