Find A Trademark Attorney – The Video and Google

Google is an interesting phenomena. Recently, I launched a new website for flat fee online trademark registration services. You can find the website at In conjunction with launching the website, I also posted a few informative internet videos about the website and how to register a trademark. On the first day after posting, my video “Find a Trademark Attorney” made it to the first page of Google in organic searches for certain key words. However, a few days later, the video already dropped to the second page of organic Google searches.

My question to the SEO gurus out there is: Does posting content on the internet get an initial SEO bump from Google that must be maintained by interest shown by traffic and links, or do you think that the video’s drop from page 1 to page 2 is more likely a result of someone else who had been bumped from page 1 reworking their SEO to get back on top and bumping my video down to page 2?

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